Where to fly

Praia a Mare (Official school site)
(Start 39°53’30″ N 15°48’16″ E, Landing 39°52’44″N 15°47’07″ E)
Pilot level: Beginner; Type of road: four wheel drive car; Restriction: ask school;
Description: Praia a Mare is a very easy flight. To go up at the starting place you need a four-wheel drive car or you can use our minibus that easily brings you up to 600 meters. Starting place is quite small but it is still very easy. Best hour to start is from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm in summer and from 12:00 am to 3:00 pm in winter. Praia a Mare is perfect for thermal flights and it is quite difficult to have strong wind. Cross-country flights here are quite nice. Normally an average pilot can do a 9-15 km flight reaching the height of 1.500 meter. Landing is mandatory on the official landing point during the summer but in winter you can land anywhere on the beach of Praia a Mare. In the landing area pay attention to the wind from SSW that normally gives turbulence behind the Isle of Dino. Roles: Always contact the local school before using the takeoff. It is not private but local pilots have spent lots of resources building it and maintaining it efficient.

The area of Pollino National Park
One of the most natural and wild areas in Europe. Here it is quite easy to be isolated from the rest of the world: in the middle of nowhere. When you arrive in Campotenese you will see the enormous chain of the Pollino mountains that are about 2.200 meters high. This is a place where cross-country is a normal thing to do. Many flights are close to, and above, 3.000 meters. Remember to stop in an Agriturismo in this area to taste the real traditional and healthy food of Northern Calabria.

Campotenese (official school site)
Pilot level: All; Type of road: normal car; Restriction: none;
(WNW/NW Lower Start Lat. 39°50’52.2″ N – Lon. 16°5’25.2″ E; WNW/NW High Start Lat. 39° 50’52.63″ N – Lon. 16°5’34″ E; Landing WNW/NW Side Lat. 39°51’20.16″ N – Lon 16°4’55.6″ E; ESE Start Lat. 39°50’51″ N – Lon. 16°5’35.47 E; Landing ESE Lat. 39°50’56.53″ N Lon. 16°7’30.64″ E)
Description: Fantastic site with some important restrictions. The take off and the landing place are very close and allow to go up and down all day. It is preferable to be at the takeoff site early in the morning 9:00 am in summer and 10:00-11:30 in winter. Once you reach the peak of Mountain La Serra, where some telecom antennas are installed, you can chose to takeoff from the NW side or the SE side. NW side is the official one but sometimes you can fly on the other side facing the city of Morano Calabro and the landing place is close to a big fountain. Please never attempt flying when the wind is above 30 Km/h because it gets stronger easily reaching 70 km/h from NW. If you are flying and you think that the wind is getting stronger leave the maintain crest and fly to the centre of the valley where the wind is lower and you can land safely. If you choose about flying by yourself please take the weather conditions into consideration. This place offers good cross-country flights and always bring friends with you, you will enjoy it.

Mormanno Cerviero Mauntain
Pilot level: Expert; Type of road: four wheel drive car; Restriction: none;
Description: Interesting place because it plays with the winds from S to NNE. It is reachable only with a four wheel drive car. For experienced pilots only.

Belvedere Marittimo (Trifari)
Pilot level: Intermediate/Expert; Type of road: normal car; Restrictions: none;
Description: Another coastal flight but with a great potentiality. You fly in front of a huge mountain and can reach the top, close to 2000 meters, easily. From there you can make a good xc flight heading north and reaching Verbicaro that is another flying site. Experienced pilots, only.

Pilot level: Intermediate/Expert; Type of road: normal car; Restrictions: none;
Description: This is a remote town in the middle of the mountains. Take off is easy to reach by car and also the landing place. It is quite difficult to land with strong conditions so it is preferable to land in emergency in the middle of the soccer stadium.

For further information don’t hesitate to get in touch with Nicholas Rinaldi, local instructor and owner of the paragliding school, by phone +39 347 55 70 595 or by email at:

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